April 1978:

Incorporated Jet Trans Speditionsges.m.b.H. , in Innsbruck / Austria as an International Freight Forwarder - Customs broker Licenced by "Zentralverband der Spediteure" .....IATA Agent employees.

September 1985:

Established the Branch office at Vienna Airport/Austria.

April 1988:

Established the Branch office Linz/Austria.

August 1999:

Separation from 80 % of the employees, total re-organisation.

April 2003:

25th Anniversary - sales increase by 98 % since re-organisation.


30th anniversary.


35th anniversary - investment in new own fleet of reefer-trucks and -vans, ATP certified, GPS surveilled. Europewide temperature controlled deliveries (-25°C /+20°C), temperature controlled airfreight.

investment in new own fleet of reefer-trucks and -vans


...moving into our new office with own temperature controlled warehouse, GDP suitable

new office in Kematen


January 2022:

GDP certification for temperature controlled pharma transports

GDP Certificate



Activities: 70% airfreight, 15% oceanfreight, 15% road transports.

Credit Rating:

Jet Trans Speditionsgesellschaft m.b.H. is listed by "Kreditschutzverband von 1870" - the biggest Austrian credit information bureau . Our credit rating has been clearly above branch average since our re-organization. For your info: our rating is 200 (good financial background - low risk).


Mgmt. has an equity interest in the company to assure long- term stability.


Jet Trans ist 100% privatly owned and not affiliated or controlled by any foreign group or person.


Worldwide net of partners with similar ownership structure and quality standards.